'Toes in the Sand' Lake Michigan Soap
Goat Meadow Soap

'Toes in the Sand' Lake Michigan Soap

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Inspired by the Great Lakes, this is a refreshing exfoliant soap with sand from Lake Michigan! Naturally colored blue like the waves of the lakeshore with activated charcoal. This is quite the super scrub soap! The sand makes this soap more of a coarse exfoliant, fantastic for getting dirt & grime off! Also use as a wonderful pedicure scrub.

Exfoliant Level: high, coarse. 

Recommended For: Great soap for cutting through dirt, grease and grime. Brendon uses this soap after he works on the cars and I love it for getting the dirt off after working in the garden. It also feels great on the feet as a pedicure scrub.

Saponified Ingredients: Our own goat milk, pastured lard, coconut oil, orange essential oil, NOW Peaceful Sleep Blend, activated charcoal, Lake Michigan Sand