The Bee’s Knees
Goat Meadow Soap

The Bee’s Knees

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The soothing fragrance of lavender, our moisturizing honey to soften your skin, and a river of exfoliating oats flow through this lovely soap. Definitely a must have!

Exfoliant Level: mild

Recommended For: body & hand, face. This is a soap I use on my face*. It is also a soap that I use for my baby, Breanna (however it is not tear free so I do not use it on her face). 
        *Before using on your face, test on a portion of your body first for any irritation. The skin on your face can be more sensitive so it is best to test first!

Saponified Ingredients: our goat milk, pastured lard, coconut oil, our honey, organic wheat bran, lavender essential oil